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Privacy Statement

The only information we may collect during your interactions with our Sites and through our advertising and media across the Internet include only personal information (e.g., name, phone number, postal address, and email address), information such as credit card details, banking details and passwords to your email account and all other social media handles are not required on our website, thus your security is always protected whenever you are on our site.
Note, we respect the privacy of our visitors and ensure that the personal information you provide is treated confidentially.

Be assured that we have nowhere to store it. we don't have a server database to store it. What happens on your medium of access to our website stays on your computer/phone.


For the best possible effect, our website uses cookies. For example, cookies ensure that your country settings are remembered, which the website needs to work. Furthermore, some cookies help to show ads relevant to you.

Cookies are stored on your computer and can be deleted at any time. After deleting cookies, you may have to reset your preferences. Cookies are completely secure and do not store personal information.

Questions about data protection

If you have any questions about data protection or if you wish to make use of rights or claims regarding your personal data, please contact

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