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The advancement of technology in Africa has been steadily increasing over the past few years, with a growing number of innovative solutions being developed by both local and international tech companies. While the continent still faces many challenges, such as limited access to infrastructure, education, and funding, there are also numerous success stories and promising developments to be celebrated.

One area where Africa has made significant strides is in mobile technology, with mobile phones being widely used for communication, banking, and other services. This has paved the way for the growth of mobile-based services such as mobile money, which has revolutionized financial services in many African countries. In addition, there are many local startups and technician hubs that are working on developing innovative solutions to address the unique challenges faced by the continent.

Another area where technology has made a significant impact in Africa is in healthcare. The use of telemedicine and mobile health applications has helped to bridge the gap in access to healthcare in many remote areas, and has also improved the efficiency and quality of healthcare services. Additionally, the use of technology in agriculture has helped farmers to improve crop yields and reduce post-harvest losses.

Another area where technology has made a vivid impact on Africa is the application of mathematics.

Actually,only a few of us know that many modern high-school-level concepts in mathematics first were developed in Africa, as was the first method of counting. Decades ago, Egyptians scripted textbooks about math that included division and multiplication of fractions and geometric formulas to calculate the area and volume of shapes . Distances and angles were calculated, algebraic equations were solved and mathematically based predictions were made of the size of floods of the Nile. The ancient Egyptians considered a circle to have 360 degrees 

People of African descent come from ancient, rich and elaborate cultures that created a wealth of technologies in many areas. Hopefully, over time, there will be more studies in this area and more people will know of these great achievements.

Overall, while there is still much work to be done to fully harness the potential of technology in Africa, there are many reasons to be optimistic about the future of technology innovation on the continent.

Writer : Theophilus Soglo

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