I Am The Chosen One To Lead And Change The Ghanaian Music Industry - Shatta Wale

I am the chosen one to change the Ghanaian music industry now and few years to come. 

Shatta Wale is a Ghanaian dance hall artiste who has transformed his genre over the past decade and still counting.

He came and conquer the industry with his unique voice and craft. His came back with a new name and stage craft. Till it got to a point where he charges over GH100,000.00 for a single show in his country Ghana which other musicians, could not achieve.

For this soon,his trends and fame ,has gotten him been offered alot of opportunities to voice out what borders him about the Ghanaian Music Industry.

The last time on metro TV on the show Good Evening Ghana with Paul,he explained,the Ghana music industry gate keepers are not helping and they are favoring their very own, which makes him not happy staying in the industry and being quiet.

He claims his fellow musicians are afraid of loosing their contracts so they are mute and enjoying the pain.

But he is the chosen one to voice out all secrets and keep the gate keepers on their toes.

Looking at Shatta Wale carefully,he is respectful and Smart in doing business with any one despite on Record label want to sign him and his team under their label. Even Shatta Wale claims there is no record label big enough in Ghana currently. But he is currently still standing for his colleges in the GMI - Ghanaian Music Industry.

Not just looking at his outside appearance,Shatta Wale is known for his good heart and will. He has advocated for alot of fellow musicians.

He is truly the chosen one for GMI.

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