Meet EMPRESS TINNA Ghanaian Actress And A Broadcast Journalist.

 The country has been blessed with numerous personalities, from powerful women of God to dedicated actresses and media personalities. Empress Tinna is a great person in this country. Born Amenorfe Faustina, actress and radio journalist currently working at Swiss FM in Volta Region, Ghana.
Name: Amenorfe Faustina 

From: Anfoegah in the Volta Region 

Occupation: Broadcast Journalist and Actress 

Empress Tinna started and completed her primary education and continued her higher education. She later entered the Media School, where she received a degree in radio broadcasting. During her education, she acted in films with outstanding acting talents and served the people of Ghana and Volta.

“Born in a family of four, my dream is to change my family background. This is my current goal, and I am working to break down that wall.”

Empress Tinna 

Empress Tinna has starred in several films, including The Princess and the Goddess, The Casket, Love Amidst Danger,  Kingdom of Vawulence, Alorkpli, The Himbas, and more. 

In addition to radio and acting, she said: “I sell roasted  plantain. Every weekend I travel to Accra to roast plantain for the survivors. Because I don't want any man to take advantage of me”. 

A secret about her.

Watch some of her actions in this movie.

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