“Delay inspires me, I will never hide it” – Bridget Otto

 Broadcaster Bridget Otoo has warned those who are trying to force Delay Show host Deloris Frimpong Manso to resist her “inspiration”.

According to newlyweds Bridget Otto, she has a lot of respect for DeLay, who inspired her to immerse herself in television productions, and would never slander her. 

"If you see a story that connects me to Delay, ignore it. @delayghana personally inspired me and said many times that he was the reason I bought the equipment to get into TV production in the first place. I will continue. I respect her and respect,” she tweeted on Wednesday, August 31.

Bridget Otto's tweet came after she offered to tweet about DeLay after expressing her sympathy for him on the latest episode of her show.

Delay called a man who shared a video from Bridget's wedding where her husband refused to kiss her.

According to DeLay, the only friend who can do this is none other than a snake. Bridget has since asked her followers to ignore the post because they can't insult anyone who defends them.

“Why am I using their platform to hide one person who is speaking in my favor? Contact us directly if you have a personal problem. But don't think you're smarter than anyone else and use the unrelated @delayghana tweet to express your hate.” she added. 

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