Chelsea sacked Tuchel, who suffered from a stutter earlier in the season.

 Chelsea has sacked manager Thomas Tuchel after losing 1-0 to Dinamo Zagreb in the Champions League last night. 

The club's new owner decided to change manager after a sluggish season at Stamford Bridge.

 The 49-year-old replaced Frank Lampard in January 2021 and led the Blues to Champions League victory that season and won the European Super Cup and Club World Cup last season. 

However, his tenure was cut short by an indifferent start to the season, giving London ten points in six Premier League matches. 

The official statement read: “On behalf of Chelsea, the club officially thanks Thomas and his team for all their hard work at the club. 

Thomas deserves a place in Chelsea history after winning the Champions League and Super League. Yes, the Cup and the World Championship. 

“It has been 100 days since a new group of owners took over the club and the new owners feel it is time to make this transition as they continue to work to improve the club”.

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