Cape Coast Girl: Real MC prepares the country of Oguaa Fetu Afahye.

 Cape Coast Girl is Real MC's new title track, released a week ago. The song encourages listeners to pay more attention to their physique and behavior as “Cape Girls are healthy girls” at a girls' class in the central region's capital, Cape Coast. He also mentions the fact that they don't simulate the life they live, but approach it as realistically as possible. Another side of her is revealed in the middle of the song, which is typical for unemployed women with good taste.

The captivating lyrics are based on heavy beats typical of songs from the Ghanaian hip life era. This performance is worth considering where Real MC came from as the rapper who made Ghanaians happy with his debut song Shishiblish in December 2017.

Unlike its predecessors, Cape Coast Girl fits in your ears and makes you want to enter the dance hall.

The Real MC currently lives and works in the UK. It has been nominated for several Ghana Music Awards and continues to improve. He has songs like “Sishibishi”, “Yenda” and “Stay with me”.

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