Mental Health Nurse Advise Adding A Spiritual Factor To Treatment At The Clinics.

As part of her project to raise awareness for mental health, Beauty Queen and mental health nurse, Kpeli Sarah was on SVTV Africa to talk about mental health and mental illness. 

Sarah revealed that apart from physical causes, mental illness can also be caused by spiritual factors and cited “Afordada” as an example. “Afordada”, common among the Anlo-Ewes is where when a married woman cheats, she goes mad. 

In such a situation, such a person's mental illness will not respond to any medication, and she will not be cured unless special rituals are performed” she added.

According to Sarah, Africans were born with spirituality and hence must not leave it out of their lives. She advised that spiritual leaders be included in the treatment of their members to make it holistic.

“If the person is a Muslim, involve their Imam, if it is a Christian, their pastor must be involved and if it is a traditionalist, surely a traditional priest must be involved to bring better results,” she said.

Sarah is a student nurse at Pantang NTC and is currently the first runner-up for the Face Of Volta pageant. 

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