“If a husband decides to take care of his wife, most of us will stop learning”— Ghanaian Nurse

 A young woman from Ghana, believed to be between the ages of 20 and 25, made the bizarre remarks and many social media users were left speechless when they saw the video.

Many Ghanaians are used to hearing rumors that some nursing students are dating married men to fund their studies.

These rumors seem to be true because the Ghanaian nurse in your photo confirmed what some of her colleagues did. According to her, many of her friends date married men. These people support him financially and in return make him happy in bed.

However, these men may have neglected the needs of their wives, children, and extended families and given their money to these young girls. In the video, the nurse said, “God says we must speak the truth. If all married men decided to take care of their wives and be faithful to them, most of us would stop learning. Great job.

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