Homeowners discuss the different ways cashless women in Ghana pay their rent.

 Finding accommodation in Accra through rental agencies has become risky these days. Most of these agents depend on the fees they receive from humans to survive. They use various tricks and procedures to trick people into renting a house.

The Dansoman real estate agent told Joshua about some tricks the real estate agents use against the Ghanaians. In his interaction with Multicdb, he claims that if a woman is seeking a house to rent, she goes to an agency for quick access. Some women decide to have an affair when they don't have enough money, they need to work. Out of the situation so they can get it. Home on time. 

“Sometimes when you run out of money, and meet a good agent. He can add some money for help. I've seen a few, and it's not big money, but they can help you get it back in the stipulated time there aren't that many good agents in the country, but there aren't that many.

Furthermore, several women additionally supply loose s3x to those dealers, simply due to the fact the cash that they have got cannot quantity to what the owner and the marketer’s commission is demanding.

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