“TikTok removed high-quality music from the system”- S3fa

 As TikToker Asantewa argues, the debate over whether TikTok is the most powerful way to promote music has resonated with creative industry players.

The latest artist to contribute to this movement was Sefaji Abena Amesu, also known as Sefa.

In a video interview with Ultimate FM from Accra shown on this portal, hitmaker Echoke claims that TikTok is killing Ghanaian music by promoting bad things in the first place.

“Well, if you make music, and you don’t add a challenge to it, you don’t add dance or some kind of atmosphere to it, everyone thinks that means you don’t write music. It is not true. I think it's TikTok that Is killing the entire music industry right now.”

The Black Avenue deal hinted that music isn't very welcome these days, unless it is trending on TikTok.

“If you look at the music industry these days, you don't hear the quality of music that we're used to. It doesn't look like it used to. Because if it's not popular on TikTok, everyone thinks. If it's not popular on TikTok, it's not music, and it doesn't make sense”.

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