“I hate grapes, women, and weeds”—boasts singer Ruger.

 Like other artists who usually like wine, women or marijuana, rising singer Ruger says he doesn't participate in any of the above because it's exclusive.

Regarding the challenges I faced early in my career, Ruger said, “The biggest challenge I faced was the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. It was hard to work at that time because everyone was inside. Someone creative had to go through something. I couldn't because the isolation didn't let me go outside. I use my experience (traveling to different places) to compose my songs. But I just go inside and make music. At that time, everything was uncertain, and it was not known where the world was heading because the plague really shook the world. However, I worked hard and wrote the song. The words of encouragement from all the team members also helped me get through this time.”

Singer Dior advises fellow aspirants on how to deal with fame. “You must first remember where you came from so as not to lose focus. I also advise you to limit your outputs. You will hear them everywhere you go. Many people do things for themselves. Can make other people You can be deceived by hearing about a particular person. It's good to be a little quiet. As an artist, you want to focus on your craft. Rome was not built in one day. You cannot “explode” in a day (a breakthrough in the industry). You must continue to work and believe in your efforts, you must continue to believe in God.

After visiting several cities lately, Ruger spoke of her experience: I had success. And people are already singing my song. Rather, it is a reminder to be persistent. Every time I go out and hear people sing my song word by word, I feel better. We play gigs and get a warm welcome, and we have more ideas about getting back into the studio and writing more songs. I feel like I want to please the fans not only in the studio, but also on social media.”

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