Western Gospel Awards Launch And Second Edition Nominations Opens.

 Prolific GH, host of the Western Gospel Awards, announced the nominations for the Annual Awards 2022 at Takoradi Mall on June 25, 2022.

Because it is a barometer measuring Western gospel music, the influence of the Western Gospel Awards is felt.

This year, the second time this award has been given, on July 1, 2021, and July 1, 2022, deserving evangelical artists will be presented. 

Therefore, artistic directors, producers, hosts, record labels and gospel artists are encouraged to submit records online via https://prolificgh.com/.

About Prolific Gh

 Prolific Gh is an entertainment and event management company founded in August 2018.

Our mission as a company in the industry in which we operate is to show, recognize, inspire, promote and celebrate the gospel through music. We achieve this by using every possible sonic medium to promote the Christian and gospel music industry through education, advocacy, research, and conservation. Our vision is to build great cities for all through evangelical movements that bring individual conversion, community building, social justice, and cultural renewal to the West and Northwest, and thereby to the world.

Based in Takoradi in the western region, we host various events such as corporate events, musical performances, festivals, seminars, award ceremonies, exhibitions and conferences, and provide various services. Our latest events include the Western Gospel Awards, Breakthrough concerts and gospel dance performances.

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