Leslie Kay's Story: Chartered accountant, but still earns a living by raising rabbits.

 Leslie Kay has been interested in rabbits since he was a child and graduated as a chartered accountant, but still earns a living by raising rabbits.

He started raising rabbits when he was in the 5th grade of elementary school. “I started out as a rabbit a long time ago, and I bought a rabbit around 5th grade in elementary school. We have a wild dog, so we can't have a good time with a rabbit, but we have this dog next to us. My rabbit friend passed away, so I took a break, went on vacation to my grandmother and bought a new house”—he said.

Breeding rabbits is his favorite pastime. At first, they were always bred by friends and sometimes spent a lot of time with these animals to feed them. There he fell in love with these animals. He loves rabbits so much that when he was at SHS, he sent them to school, where his friends saw him and named him “Adanko”.

Now he can keep more rabbits for two commercial purposes. This became known in an interview with MultiCDB.

“People come here to buy my Theme bunnies, and kids come and buy the little ones. Once, when I had about 70 rabbits, a man came here and bought six.”

About how he sells rabbits, Leslie has pages with ads on Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp. The use of rabbit skin for wool and meat is important enough to provide some sort of nourishment. We have a wide selection of rabbits including New Zealand Whites, Californian Rabbits, Dutch Rabbits and more. He says his breed is five to six months old and can give birth to an average of six.

“With a small amount of money, if you have a heart and love for animals, you can open a rabbit farm”.

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