Keeny Ice releases “Soundcheck Ep” : any hints for the future?

 It's a brand-new day, and I'm walking through Accra with my headphones on. Spotify and Keeny Ice's new add-on “Soundcheck” plays a random song from the latest song “Conquer the world”. I think this is a very pleasant start to the day, given that in a short span of less than two years, I have struggled with low self-esteem, uncertainty about the future, and a host of heart problems since COVID-19.

If you’ve ever listened to a few preceding singles including ‘Hook or crook’ on Keeny Ice’s “Border vibes” Ep you may admire the reality that he has already embedded motivation into his song fiber. It additionally means he’s appreciating lifestyles in actual time as a younger boy raised through his Grandmother.

The making of “Sound Check Ep” was exciting, as music lovers looked forward to pairing it with fan protests on social media against ABM Global to set a firm release date for the project. It is now clear what actually slows down the whole process to the point where we think that all the energy is arranged in some way.

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After all, we have stores all over the world and “perfect”, “surprise” and “excellent” are just some buzzwords fans use to describe what Keeny Ice is up to. No one expected this land of Keeny Ice to appear so soon. Even though he was a great artiste who undoubtedly proved himself ready for the world.

In a documentary released by ABM Global two weeks ago, Keeny Ice firmly stated that he wants to make music for the world and music that turns weak artistes into full-fledged musicians.

The extended play begins with “My Way” and describes how concerned he is as an artiste who aims to challenge what he finds difficult. Like the evolution of the Burna boy, Kofi Kinaata and Wizkid, rapper Keeny Ice's “dash weh” is a comfortable space for more challenging assignments, meaning music for everyone, regardless of geography or gender.

The security guard's song show was the talk of another day. It exceeded all expectations, as Hairlergbe rapped over vocals until the last minute of the song. He gained notoriety by writing short songs from the “Gankivi” period, explaining that music is a message, not a length. 

You have probably heard a lot about deja vu. But let me tell you what that means. According to Keeny Ice, the song was recorded a year before its release, and if so, then Camidoh is a great singer. The tone that both artists use to express their poetry is determined by the message they convey. Music actually creates the perfect medium for creativity beyond writing and singing. 

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What's next for Keeny Ice?

Keeney Ice has a clear career direction. His dedication and passion can be seen in a variety of songs, including his writing skills, playing style, singing ability, and audience support through music. The new direction of his career is determined by this new project. He is expected to start making calls to other parts of Africa as the 'Sound Check' EP picks up steam in Botswana and is still running.

Currently, Keeny Ice Ep "Sound Check” need significant financial support to take their music to the next level. It has evolved, and understanding this evolution of the business requires an investment in making your dreams come true.

Howard University professor Msia Kibona Clark was right when she sang Keeny Ice in her review of “Border Vibes” Ep. Edem, Keeny Ice's godfather, also called it the next big thing in music. If you're looking for good music today, Soundcheck Ep by Keeny Ice seems to be groundbreaking. 

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