Greg Lodestone to release a new song called “Heaven's Economy”.

 Gregory Kofi Titriku, born but known as Greg Pianoking Lodestone, is a musician from Ghana. “Magnet” means a mineral that is naturally magnetized. Magnetite, a person, or object that is the center of attention or attraction. Greg Lodestone is like a magnet in the hand of Almighty God. He draws everyone to him through gospel music, as stated in John 12:32. Man to me. Greg Lodestone—gospel singer, Afro-pop, Amapiano, hip-hop but other genres. He has the same gospel, but expresses it differently through music.

Scheduled for release on Friday, June 10, 2022, Greg Lodestone's new single “Heaven's Economy” is inspired by the Holy Spirit to inspire the hearts and minds of those who give up their dreams and stand up for the world.

We make money and chase our dreams, but the system and the economy have taken over. There are few or no opportunities for youth, but there is only one source of survival: God, prayer, and hard work. It is time for all of us to turn to God in these difficult times. God is the only source of our survival and success, and that's what this song is about. This song makes me listen to it over and over again. Colossians 1:16-17 says that He created everything in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether kings, kingdoms, principalities or principalities, everything was created by Him and for Him. And He is above everything, and everything is from Him. Now God is the only way. Let's all depend on him. We must survive. 

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