Adults don't cheat, they just fall—Maserati Crooner, Olakira insist

 Up-and-coming Nigerian singer Ebenezer Adelusola Adefemi, known as Olakira in the Nigerian music scene, has refuted many claims that growing up is a scam.

Most people use social media to complain about the responsibilities and hardships that come with age. Compared to the life of a child who has everything, adults have to work hard to earn a living.

Unlike adults who have to work hard to live in difficult conditions, children's lives are easiest because they are taken care of by parents or guardians.

Almost every child grows up enjoying all the adventures of independence and freedom from parental control, and hopes to understand that life is not as simple as a child only thinks in adulthood.

But when I got into my Maserati Crooner, I realized that being an adult is not cheating, as most people think. According to him, poverty is the main motive for such statements, so there is nothing for an adult to deceive. He tweeted! 

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