A loveable video shows Stonebwoy's kids Jidula and Janam dominating the stage.

 Social media exploded as two Ghanaian child celebrities went crazy with big fans during their father Stonebwoy's performance.

The Stonebwoy weekend presentations took place in Accra with the official launch of the Canon 19 by Tecno Mobile.

In a viral video circulating on social media, Stonebwoy's adorable kids Jidula and Janam are on stage with their dad.

The kids surprised the fans by bringing the dad's performance before he sang a few songs.

Stonebwoy started by inviting Jidula to sing some of her songs, but she turned out to be surprisingly shy.

Later, his father said that he was very calm, but knew that he would keep an eye on what was happening at home.

Stonebwoy then hired Janam, who did a fantastic job of singing a few lines from Stonebwoy's latest song, “Therapy”.

When his father confessed his love, and his son replied, “I love you too,” excited voices from fans rang out. 

Watch The Performances. 

Before leaving the stage, Janam listened to his father's call to express his love for the audience.

Jidulla and Janam sat with their beautiful mother in the crowd near the stage.

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