Meet the 24-year-old farmer who pays his university tuition.

 They say that agriculture is the raising and rearing of animals for domestic and commercial purposes and is considered to be the backbone of any country's economy. But people have ideas that apply only to the uneducated.

Perry Apoh, 24, a geography student at the University of Ghana, is from Ziave, in the Volta Region, Ghana and he is a subsistence farmer. He started farming at the age of 15 along with his older brothers, following his father, Francis Apoh, who was runner-up for Best Local Farmer in 2017. It got to the point that he realized that his father does not work on the street. Thus, he can support a family of eight without any support.

This inspired him to take up large-scale farming, which allowed him to pay his tuition without burdening his parents.

Perry owns many farms that grow sweet potatoes, rice, lettuce and more. He sold the harvested lettuce to a farmer, and the reviews were interesting because the lettuce grows well and is larger than others. He said that from time to time farmers came to him and asked how to run the farm.

What sets Perry Farm apart from other farms is that he only use organic fertilizers with no non-organic ingredients. This makes him possible to grow vegetables, grains, and tubers in large quantities. In addition to farming, he also raises tilapia and other fish for domestic and commercial purposes.

In an interview with MultiCDB, he revealed that COVID-19 had affected his farm. But he couldn't sell the farm, and sometimes with little sponsorship, the price kept going up. “There are winners and losers in agriculture, but the benefits outweigh the drawbacks,” he said. He urged the youth to engage in agriculture because it wins.

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