[Streaming] Life After The Plague: Keeny Ice Heals the World with Sound Check Ep

Soundcheck is a four-song EP by Ghanaian musician Keeny Ice, released on May 26, 2022.

This project is the realization of growth, creativity and thoughtful decisions to make music accessible to all, regardless of age, gender or class, and more importantly, the ultimate answer to the questions in the minds of those who have no voice.

“Sound check” is Keeny Ice’s 2nd Ep after a hit journey together along with his debut “Border vibes” Ep in 2021 chronicling his adventure as a passionate artiste from the slums of Aflao looking for worldwide prospect through music and the rate it comes with.

In this new project, the rapper celebrates his emotions and state of mind through well-crafted lyrics, mostly written by himself, to create a new experience for fans and listeners.

In the first song of the Ep “My Way”, Keeny Ice revolves around the public with the conviction and determination to embark on a journey of creativity and diversity, presented in his single “Yekoema”, released through November 2021. Since 2017, the Keeny Ice brand has set the bar for ignoring opportunity and incremental development.

Keeper's is a hymn to a beautiful girl who is very loyal to his boyfriend. “Many romantic relationships have fallen apart as a result of the devastating effects of COVID-19 and the severe economic crisis caused by Russia's war in Ukraine. If you're still loyal to your girlfriend, she deserves credit. She's a watchdog.” Keeny Ice Cream.

Keeny Ice is a typical Cupid who believes that every faithful couple deserves a reputation for being busy. His vocal expressions and imagery in The Guardian also express the male imagination of his beloved and his thirst for adventure. The song is also notable for the outstanding performance of Hairergbe, who contributed to its creation.

Camidoh, starring déjà vu, was written two years before release, but hit in the throat like fresh palm wine. The two artistes wrote songs together early on and developed a friendly and working relationship. “Déjà vu” reveals more experiences than songs, the invisible world of love, the desire to have the perfect picture of love, and “You make me feel like I'm in the moon with you” in Camidoh's verse. Keeny Ice showed a sense of belonging, complementing the chorus with a subtle rap that reflected the general mood of the song.

“Conquer the world” is a celebratory song, considered an expression of hope and victory over what the world has experienced in the past. Given that he was a badass rapper, the most anticipated pop song. In fact, this song is “invisible” and, like the first song “My Way”, is a practical example of “renouncing all words, incantations, and actions.”

The choice of words used in Sound Check Ep creates a comfortable environment for uninterrupted listening to recordings 1 to 4.

Recognizing that the world is dying for reasons apart from the plague, Keeny Ice needs a voice to speak the language of courage, love, hope, and life for every weak soul. 

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