"We Welcome The Rest Of The World To Visit Ghana" - The Minister Of Tourism


Mark Okuraku-Mantey, Deputy Minister of Tourism, Creative and Culture, believes the Kwahu Paragliding Festival will play a major role in boosting $2.3 billion in 2022 sales. 

He believes this will make tourism the most important source of the country's gross domestic product.

 He said this at the opening ceremony of this year's festival on Mount Odweanoma. 

This year's event promises to be exciting after a two-year hiatus.

 In light of the collapse of the local economy, Kwahu South (MCE) CEO Emanuel Ata Ofori Snr. We expressed our joy at the return of euphoria around the Paragliding Festival.

 “Our local economy is growing, and the tourism industry is shocked that the paragliding festival is not being held due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I am happy it is back. Residents and entrepreneurs in this industry receive a certain income" 

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