Shenseea signs global publishing deal with S10 and Avex USA.

 Jamaican singer Shenseea has partnered with Avex USA to sign a worldwide publishing deal with S10 Publishing. 

Based in West Hollywood, S10 Entertainment was founded as a label, operating and publishing organization by Brandon Silverstein, CEO of American singer and dancer Normani, and Brazilian singer Anitta.

At Interscope Records, while working with SALXCO "Sal Slaiby" Wassim to sign a management deal with We Good, she said she was looking forward to working with a new member of his team.

“Brandon and his team understand my vision and share my hunger to make it happen, and that’s the most important thing. I’m excited to work with S10 and Avex to bring my career and team to a whole new level,” the Good Comfort singer told Billboard in an exclusive.

“Shenseea is an incredible artist whose writing ability and freestyling is unparalleled,” Silverstein said. “In writing sessions and in the studio, she’s a dream collaborator because she’s having so much fun that it’s contagious. She first charmed her home of Jamaica before breaking into the U.S. market and now there’s no doubt that she’s going to break globally next.”

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