"I am not a churchgoer, but I believe in God" - AK Songstress

 Singer AK Songstress revealed in an interview on radio 100.7FM that she no longer goes to church for some reason.

 According to the singer, most churches today are corrupt and lack the enlightenment of the people. True gospel. 

AK Songstress said she doesn't go to church anymore, but she believes in God and His Word. He added that she would go to church if he found a better one for himself.

“I am not a churchgoer, but I believe in God Most churches today have deviated from the gospel. They no longer teach the gospel, so I don’t go to church. I was once a member of the C.A.C at Madina. When I find a better church, I will go, but for now, they are corrupt and using the church for business”.

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