Black Sheriff and Mr. Logic began to rage after their first meeting on a live TV show.

 The Black Sheriff and Mr. Logic made sense when they met yesterday at United Showbiz, hosted by Efia Odo. 

The musician from the original video enters and greets Mr. Sunshine. Logic responded with a slight smile before the performance began. 

Previously, it was Mr. According to the logic of Hitz FM, Black Sheriff's latest single "Kwaku Traveler” became an instant hit on the Internet and on the airwaves, and it has more to do with Black Sheriff's press manager. 

He believes that the song better reveals the sheriff's arrogance and recognition of the fact that he does not appreciate his former manager. At the discussion meeting, Mr. Logic expressed a different opinion on the overall concept of the new Blacko song.

 Mr. Logic suggested that the singer hates violence, but her sermons say it all. Black Sheriff quickly replied that the way the man was watching and taking pictures of his vessel didn't bother him because of that.

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