Organizers Of Volta Media Excellence Awards Calls For Sponsorship.

 Edys Promotions is the main organizer of the prestigious Volta Award, called the Volta Media Excellence Award, the first edition of which was published in 2020. An award-winning program that has won the hearts of many media professionals who have positively influenced the development of Volta Media.

 The second edition was just as successful as the first, but was implemented with many improvements, making the award system one of the best in the region and the country. Its main goal is to reward and motivate media professionals in the region for their contribution to the development of the entertainment industry.

 The third edition is underway and organizations are inviting businesses and businesses to host another big and successful event.The goal of the organizers of this event is to ensure that local media staff are well-trained and trained to world standards, in which case Edys Promotions holds workshops as well as award ceremonies.

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