"No pastor should predict scoreline between Ghana and Nigeria, else I will make sure he gets arrested" - Abeiku Santana

 Prominent Ghanaian journalist Gilbert Abeiku Agrey Santana issued a stern warning to God's servants and prophets in Ghana before today's football match between the Ghana Black Stars and the Nigerian Super Eagles. The Black Stars of Ghana faced the Nigerian Super Eagles in a World cup qualifier. 

The match will take place at the Baba Yara sports stadium in the Ashanti region of Ghana. According to Abeiku Santana, the upcoming race between the two African teams is just a game, and no servant of the gods should fall victim to Dampare's wrath by making false predictions about the race. 

Abeiku Santana argued on Ok FM's Ekwansodwodwo that if we beat Nigeria, it would be bad for Ghana and if Nigeria beat Ghana, we would get nothing. So, there is no reason for a wrong prediction. Abeiku warns every bride predicting volume. 

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