Kisa Gbekle announces 2022 as her year of 'Ashawo' season.

 Ghanaian actress Kisa Gbekle has declared 2022 the Year of Prostitution (Ashawo) months after viruses reported she was attacked with knives to strengthen her body.

 Kisa is known to have taken 60,000 GH to strengthen her body. This has led some showbiz reviewers to criticize her on various platforms for spending such a huge amount of money just to look great.

 In an interview with the Delay Show, she revealed that she sold players to a football academy called Kisa Football Academy in the Volta region to pay for the operation. She assures that she does not regret the money spent because she spent all the money she spent on expanding his body. 

According to her, crooked men who are attracted to talented women continue to flood their personal messages with offers. So, she advertised this year as Ashawo's season, and it's time to recoup all the money she's invested in buttock augmentation. 

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