"I was prophesied that Yaw Tog would become a star" Mother disclose

 The mother said that she had a prophecy about the glory of her son. 

According to Yaw Tog's mother, she believed that he could become a star from an early age when she heard prophecies that her son would grow up to be a prominent figure in her homeland. 

The prophecy, she says, came out about 10 years ago, but she did not expect it to come true through music, as her son never showed any interest in becoming a musician. According to Joyce, the teenage rapper had a strong desire to play football from an early age, so he had to hide his boots to prevent it.

 Joyce expressed concern about Joy Prime's electronic vibrations, which may have been caused by where she lived at the time. “He's a football champion.” But the area he played in was never my favorite. 

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