Gadzisberg earns Management cope with chairman 1 entertainment and coded music production.

 Ghanaian musician Gadzisberg signed a five-year management contract with the chairman of Coded Music 1 Entertainment and Production. 

The details of the contract were not disclosed, but representatives of both labels Mr. Benjamin Antwi, better known as Shark, said the label will provide financial and technical support for production, distribution, branding, promotion and marketing. , Above all. He also noted that during his tenure, record labels took advantage of other opportunities to grow subscribers. 

Gadzisberg reacted to his journey with the new label and thanked management and agents for considering working with them.

He also reaffirmed his promise to deliver good ROI and brand growth, especially as a musician. He also invited guests to watch his first two films in press interviews.

Listen to Mata No Dey on Spotify

The signing of Tema-Based Creative took place on Saturday the 19th at the BBNZ live studio in Accra in front of the press, industry, friends, and parents of the musicians who wished him well on his new journey.

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