"Afrochella didn't pay us for our performance in 2020" - Asakaa boys

 In the modern Twitter section of Big Homie Flee, the boys from Asakaa poured out their hearts yesterday after being accused by many musicians of being ungrateful. They made surprising statements about afrochella that people are still setting out to believe if this is true.

The Asakaa boys announced that they were not getting paid to perform at the annual Afrochella concert in 2020 because they were told that things were difficult because of COVID-19. They said they agreed to show up and not make a dime, but last year when everything was normal and Afrochella could pay them off, they weren't reserved. 

They were asked if they would fly from Kumasi to Accra with their money for the Afrochella concert or not, but they indicated that they were already in Accra for Ova time, an Ova Wise show, so they decided to walk.

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