Leave The Slay Queens Alone And Build Your Career—King Promise

What you see others doing, which seems good and positive might just not work for your brand and personality, why not be you and make it a successful one?

The male vocal inspiration king promise suggests to his fans to focus on their business, investments, and market will be booming for them despite what other entrepreneurs will go through.

“ Slay queens are just there for short-term satisfaction which demands more care and money to waste for nothing, I will be disappointed to see my followers using their business or school money to pay slay queens just for outing alone not even to talk of others.” King promise.

Thus, why you shouldn't follow what you see on social media. Those into picking of such ladies have resources allocated for that, and you can't follow them because you want to be ranked as a trendy person. 

 “Build your career” was what we were told from the beginning until now we are still on it. You might think am successful but to me, I see myself to be very, very optimistic such that, I feel like I just started my success journey.

There are a lot of things you can do that will pay off in the near future. I think investing in yourself and career can be the best option to choose rather than spending on ladies for one hour love.

Start today and tomorrow you will enjoy.

This is a story from our story Tellers team (ASTT) , kindly just read and learn, don't take it personal if you read the blog. Thank you

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