I can't believe you transported yourself from Spintex to Jamestown just to gossip—Wendy Shay.

The vocal goddess and best stage performer with so much energy—Wendy Shay shares what she thinks about ladies actually wasting their time and resources just to gossip about rich men at a high risk.

However, the Ghanaian female singer expresses her sad feelings on how her fellow ladies can't hold themselves down and plan their life, instead of traveling several miles just to spread false news and come home empty-handed.

“ I don't just make friends, am very picky when it's it comes to friendship, my parents didn't teach me that” she stated.

This is what she thinks of such ladies;

•Will they be successful with so much time investment in gossips?

•Will any responsible man go in for them and still have his business running smoothly?

•Do they really think of their future, especially their kid's own?

Is gossip the product they are selling and marketing?

This is a story from our Africantrendtv Story Tellers Team (ASTT) , kindly don't take it personal It's for refreshing of minds and entertainment, if you read the blog. Thank you

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