Success is not only determined by the happy days or smooth moments of career, rather it's measured by ability to go through the darker days with good heart and perseverance.

“Good thinkers need obstacles to perform" - Stonebwoy.

“ We have gone through seemly horrible things which should have put a stop to our career, but faith, courage, and a few good friends have it going all these years” Stonebwoy stated.

Not to talk about, owing of Studio fees at the start. Oh, I just can't forget that easily, hmm, but they were good push and strengths that motivated us through.

Limited resources : Never to go by, it was one of the reasons I didn't release songs earlier at my early stages of my music career. Studios fees, blogging and promotion packages and high demand from the media were what I couldn't afford because of lack of money.

Fear : it is what delays many upcoming musicians in African not to make a hit. Instead of taking bold steps to Artiste managers, record labels to help promote your products, they stay limited to themselves. What makes it worse is, they are having the best of talent, but inner fear had kept them their success. Fear to lose, can be of great help for success, just learn how to use it positively.

This is a story from our story Tellers team (ASTT) , kindly just read and learn, don't take it personal if you read the blog. Thank you

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