Don't laugh At Those Going For Students Loans—Hajia 4Real

Social Media influencer, musician, and brand ambassador, Hajia 4Real, goes hard on those laughing at students going in for student loans for their tertiary education.

Just early this year,2022 there have been increase in number of students or parents going in for student loans in Ghana and hopefully across the African continent due to lack of financial support or resources for their further studies. These entries are not limited to only 1st degree, master, and PhD programs.

In this article, our social media research team has found her strong concerned in education and also encouragement she gives to the young ones to dive more into education which is a long-term investment.

Hajia 4Real didn't personally state it but our Research team, found her negative support for those laughing at the students loans beneficiaries.

Not everyone comes from a rich home where things are found on a silver platter.

Some have to borrow or offer services in exchange for money for schooling and education business.

“ Having the good grades and sitting at home for unknown miracles which won't happen, take the bold steps to request a loan for further Studies and enhancement of your education” she stated.

However, it's not new to see people laugh at those going for students loans for further studies, saying they won't be employed, so they can't pay back their loans. But to our surprise,

 those beneficiaries are the Doctors, Nurses, Security Service Personnel, Pilots, and Ministers we have today.

Do you think it's advisable to go in for a student loan? Make your choice today. This Article doesn't force anyone to go in for a student loan, it's an education and research purposes.

The best advice I can give is, if you know what you want here on earth, and you know where you are going to take risks today, they will pay off soon.

Most billionaires go for good debt for investment in their businesses or cooperate industries and taking such bold steps, they tend to enjoy sooner than you just sitting at home doing nothing.

The future is bright, so invest everything you've got.

Note : invest wisely, do more research before you proceed.

This Article doesn't force anyone to go in for a student loan, it's an education and research purposes.

This is a story from our African Trend TV Story Tellers Team (A STT), kindly don't take it personally It's for refreshing of minds and entertainment, if you read the blog. Thank you!!!

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