Buddy of Ghanaian singer Camidoh has discovered how he used to promote sobolo and pastries at OLA SHS.

 A yet-to-be-recognized vintage buddy of Ghanaian singer Raphael Camidoh Kofi Attachie has discovered how he used to promote Sobolo and pastries at OLA SHS and being mocked has long past viral, and we consider its miles an encouragement to everybody.

Camidoh is a Ghanaian musician who's slowly however progressively taking on the airlines together along with his songs, and his narrative approximately how he used to promote sobolo and pastries again with inside the day has been share to encourage folks that are going via hard times.

Camidoh used to promote sobolo and pastries in OLA SHS, and he became called Fingers again with inside the day. As is customary, many didn’t admire him lower back then, and a few even insulted him, however nowadays, he’s one of all our finest treasures.

Camidoh showed this in an interview, and it serves as a lesson to us all because the humans we disrespect and tease due to their current instances or conditions may grow to be superb after pushing via and being stimulated through the insult and all that.

Today, folks that used to insult or tease Camidoh with inside the beyond due to the fact he became promoting Sobolo and pastries will see him and wonder due to the fact he’s certainly considered one among our finest treasures when it comes to music, as he’s doing clearly well.

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