A screenshot of a page in a pupil's textbook circulating on social media indicates Samini.

 Some social media customers have expressed fear approximately the content material of a textbook made for Basic Stage four students with inside the Ghana Education Service.

A screenshot of a web page in a pupil’s textbook circulating on social media indicates Samini. With the topic: “Performing Artworks Created through Samini”, the students are request to pick out the artiste and carry out one in all his songs.

According to critics on social media, Samini’s songs are X-rated – so do now no longer by skip as correct fabric for Primary School students.

Some have additionally advised that the ones complaining approximately this can be humans from the competition celebration, who isn't that Samini campaigned for the ruling New Patriotic Party with inside the 2020 elections.

There are others who additionally see not anything incorrect with the songs indexed with inside the textbook for the students to carry out.

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