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There is a common saying in the Ghanaian communities which states ; Your beauty will take you there beautifully, but you will come crying home all because of your character. 

Yes this is true, and we can all testify.

Mzvee the best female vocalists from Ghana, shares in this Blog why it's important to work on your attitude than getting the biggest hips and backs in the world.  

“Beauty will fade, but good attitudes remains in the heart of people forever, don't you think we need to consider that?  

Talking of attitude, it cuts across everything, not just respect, kindness, ready to submit to family and friends. It's also about you doing what the 98% won't do like joining business clubs, reading books or blogs, open to new ideas, pre marriage classes, Investment and savings, education on crypto, and it's affiliate programs.

She shared her few notes ;

There have been a great shift from character building to beauty building just these few years in turn to get a rich man to marry. This, of course, has influenced countless good ladies turning themselves into heavy hips girls and loaded back ladies.

Leaving behind everything just to please the eye of the jerks in town which won't marry them by the way. And I am just sad seeing them on social media – MZVEE complains.

“ I cried the other day, seeing some few friends also joining the pool of bad girls improving their hips for marriage and later packing back home with nothing” she said 

 The best advice giving is, stay at home, have few intelligent friends with future minded and work on your attitude towards others.

Furthermore, why not go for seminars on marriages and build yourself up rather than thinking of how big my hips and backs should be another useless things which won't grow your career and future.

Join the fitness club : Fitness clubs does not just shape you, it builds you to be discipline, smart and good-looking naturally which intend helps you grow your revenue and integrity.

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