Thank you for helping Ghana become the No. gold producer. 1 Africa - Bawumia for Small Miners

Vice President Dr. Mahama Mahamudou Bavumia congratulates small miners in Ghana for their efforts to help Ghana become a leading gold producer in Africa.

Dr. Bawumaia noted that small production is currently estimated at around 35% of Ghana's total gold production.

"35% is huge," he said.

This was conveyed in the first edition of the Responsible Small Scale Awards, which took place on Wednesday, December 22, 2021 at the Alisa Hotel.

The vice president called the mining award ceremony a historic event that he was very proud of.

He sees rewards as something special, because "too often our problem solving focuses more on persecuting and punishing sinners than acknowledging and rewarding those who do the right thing, and that makes this award different."

"This award recognizes players in the small-scale mining sector who, despite being tempted to follow the wrong rules, have chosen to stay within the relevant regulatory framework for the country and work responsibly," he said.

He also pointed out a number of ways in which Ghana has benefited from ASM over the years, and said he believed ASM had made a major contribution to making Ghana the leading gold producer in Africa.

As we all know, Ghana's gold production has increased significantly over the last few decades, making it the leading gold producer in Africa. The contribution of small returns to this trend is commendable. It is currently estimated that small-scale mining accounts for about 35% of Ghana's total gold production, and 35% is very large.

He added, “We have also won the Bank of Ghana, and they have also agreed to start a gold buying program for the first time in history, a deliberate gold purchase program aimed at buying gold from small-scale mines. sector.

“It will give a boost to the small mining sector if the Bank of Ghana buys some of your products to help build up the country's gold reserves.

The Resource Global Network previously reported that Ghana's gold production rose 12% to 4.8 million ounces (Moz) in 2018, dwarfing South Africa's production of 4.2 Moz for the first time and the largest gold producer in the Africa Process.

South Africa's gold sector has been in gradual decline over the past few years, with operators forced to dig deeper into mature mines as costs rise, while Ghana benefits from cheaper mines, friendlier guidelines and new development projects.

The volatile position of Africa's premier gold hub is best embodied by AngloGold Ashanti and Gold Fields - traditionally known as proponents of South Africa's industry - who have decided to shift their focus to other countries, including Ghana.

In addition, Sibanye Gold - South Africa's largest remaining gold mine - cut thousands of jobs and diversified into platinum group metals (PGM) to support e-commerce.

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