Singing love songs to me doesn't mean I'm a petticoat runner – Kidi

The most cherished Ghanaian lover favorite boy Kidi and girls like him because he only composes love songs to inspire couples, he ozed his feelings to his fans about his relationship with women as in dating and staff.

This is not entirely convincing, but it was true about his level of closeness to women.

"It surprises me how badly people think our music industry reflects our way of life in the real world. We are different in the real world, although we may find some of them interesting, it stops there, I can not go further to ask him his number and location. Where I met you, that's where it's going to stop," he said.

Nowadays, the Ghanaian music industry, singers have grown, but Kidi's songs have the most influences and his music videos also sometimes carry a lot of high-class girls, so maybe that's why Ghanaians think he is related to a lot of them.

At least he's a father now, so he knows what's best for his life and career. He has made it clear that he does not make a womanize, and he is faithful in his relationship.

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