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The Ghanaian most popular and famous dance hall artiste Stonebwoy opens up on his standpoint on education, many musicians and locally talented public figures rejects because of their level of success in their industry.

'Knowledge is power, he said whiles communicating with our Educational correspondent the other day.

“Talents without enhancements or improvement is a dead one must not be valuable because talent is in its raw state whiles education is a polisher whose purpose is to develop and sell you well when you get out there”.

Not to doubt, the dancehall icon has fully focused over the years on his education as in (Music Industrial improvement studies) personally with professionals in and outside the country which he looks not to the cost involved in the process, whiles focusing on the outcome rather.

Furthermore, He has studied outside his music career, promoting him to acquire more skills and opportunities in which we all benefit today. Our correspondent have believed, it was his seriousness with education, that has led him to be one of the biggest brand Influencer and ambassadors in the country of Ghana today.

Following his social media handles for some time now, he mostly highlights on education in any way or form which must be taking serious which might be of help in the future.

“ Education shapes your life, makes you understand your field of work more and prepares you got better opportunities” he said to our correspondent.

“ If you really want to be successful, invest in Tech-Education and you will never regret”

Stonebwoy's level of education has made him standout among his fellow musicians which is a plus for his music career.

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