Elon Musk blames California for "congestion" after Tesla moved to Austin, but says he misses his friends


• Elon Musk recently made California "overdone" and "overdone" in a recent interview.He said he was lacking in any aspect of the country, especially his friends.

• Musk now lives in Texas, where Tesla is based and SpaceX builds and launches rockets.

•Elon Musk criticized his former home in California in an interview published on Wednesday. But he said he was missing parts of life in the state, including his friends.

"But it's getting harder and harder to get things done. California was once a land of opportunity. Now it has become a land of over-regulation, excessive litigation, over-taxation and humiliation," he said.

In recent years, Musk has sold a large real estate portfolio in California. He recently split with a mansion in the Bay area which was his last $30 million home. Late last year, billionaire Tesla confirmed he had moved to Texas, where he claims to have rented a $50,000 home from his rocket company SpaceX.

In October, Musk announced that Tesla would be moving from Silicon Valley to Austin, Texas, in what he called "America's biggest boom city in 50 years." The move comes after a public dispute between Musk and local California officials over local safeguards for COVID-19. In May 2020, Musk threatened to move all of Tesla's operations to Texas or Nevada when tensions erupted.

Another potential benefit of moving to Texas for Musk is that there are no state income taxes. The world's richest man sold more than $14 billion in Tesla shares this year and expects a hefty tax burden of around $11 billion. He said it was the maximum amount Americans have paid in history.

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