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The Founder and CEO of 'Shaxi' and the most followed Ghanaian famous and rich artiste : shatta wale advises the upcoming determined musicians either gospel or secular to add a side job to their music career though it's fetching them a fortune.

Shatta wale is currently in businesses he doesn't share on social media but getting to know him better, he is an educated person who knows how to get things right though he might look crazy out there.

Not quite long, shatta wale stood to social media to advise his fellow musicians and Ghana directly or indirectly, but making it look like he was just preaching the word.

“We didn't expect shatta wale to jump into business, but he did because we the fans are thinking he is already rich and successful, so we're getting to wise up from him has made to be on our despite we are in the estates, but I think shatta wale has made us grown up" a fan commented on his advisory posts.

By proving what he meant by adding another side job or day job to your music career, he set the example by investing in a new project he just lunches few weeks ago, 'SHAXI'. Those who remembered his advisory posts begun to show appreciation and other heart melting notes and congratulating him for being their leader not just by posting on social media but truly showing results.

Just as shatta wale has paved the way, many musicians in Ghana now are globally establishing businesses from their revenue from the music they make.

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