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Have you also fall drunk of other musicians having mega shows, tours, trips, and lifestyle? 

Did you also want to prove it by investing in that art of the fake ones out there?

Joe Mettle, the biggest gospel musician in West Africa, share some few notes which explains deep in this blog below.

“Don't follow Social Media pressure next year” 

Few years now, there have been a massive increment in fake social media lifestyle which has negatively impacted our youths and upcoming musicians going deep into things they regret today.

They're following such pressure and also proving their wealth, they seem as big stars in their early stages of their careers. This is what I call “Unnecessary Investment “.

“Also to your reminder, Ghanaians always expect more from your next projects be it audios, videos, podcasts, Slideshare and branding, so if you want to start something start at your level and build it up”

Furthermore, you were branding too much higher than your budget at the beginning of your music career, all because of social media pressure others are giving.

Probably you won't be able to survive in the circle of the fake social media lifestyles, which will automatically make you sink and vanish forever.

This is to especially gospel musicians and ministers who have chosen that path, leaving behind the true gospel. You won't go far, and you will suffer eventually of your career.

“ I can't believe this young and upcoming musicians invests huge number of resources in pictures and videos which has nothing to do with their branding because they want others to buy their pressure too.

But I will urge you to stay always from social media pressure be yourself and Christ will make you big this is a shared note with our entertainment correspondent in the middle of the year.

This is a story from our story Tellers team (ASTT) , kindly don't take it personal if you read the blog. Thank you

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