Colombian Rebel Commander 'El Paisa' Killed In Venezuela Farc

Farc: Colombian Rebel Commander 'El Paisa' Killed In Venezuela
A protester previous head of Colombia's Farc rebels has been k!lled in a trap in Venezuela, neighborhood media gave an account of Sunday.

Hernán Darío Velásquez, nicknamed El Paisa, was purportedly shot dead in Venezuela's Apure state.
His passing has not been authoritatively affirmed and the Colombian armed force said it had no information on the k!lling.
Neighborhood media have estimated that hired fighters might have ki
!lled Velásquez, looking for remunerations for his catch.

Colombian specialists told El Tiempo paper that they would not affirm his demise until authorities had seen his body. A representative for Colombian President Iván Duque told Reuters news office that his office was looking for more data.
The FARC rebels were a Marxist gathering that pursued a severe conflict against the Colombian government for more than 50 years, before in the end calling a truce in 2016.

An authority of one of the Farc's most dreaded units, Velásquez became famous for the seriousness of his assaults.
He was behind a vehicle bombarding on a social club in the Colombian capital, Bogotá, that k!lled 36 individuals and injured almost 200 more in 2003.
He additionally assumed a critical part in the 1998 assault on a joint armed force and police base in Miraflores in which 16 individuals from the security powers were k!lled.

In excess of 100 troopers and cops were abducted as a component of the assault. The majority of those captured were liberated in 2001 in return for the arrival of imprisoned Farc individuals, yet two officials were held for over 12 years by the dissident gathering.
El Paisa's standing for being quite possibly the most ruthless Farc commander was to such an extent that when he joined harmony talks in Havana in 2016, many considered it to be an indication that the guerrillas were really dedicated to setting out their arms.

In any case, in 2018 he broke with the ceasefire and returned a year after the fact close by previous Farc pioneers Iván Márquez and Jesús Santrich to report the arrangement of another renegade gathering called Segunda Marquetalia, and announced that he was waging war again.

In the event that his demise is affirmed it will be the second significant misfortune for the gathering this year. Santrich, when a critical figure in the harmony cycle, was k!lled in a shoot out in Venezuela in May by what the dissenter bunch asserted were Colombian armed force commandoes.

Somewhere in the range of 13,000 Farc guerrillas have set out their arms since the 2016 truce and the gathering has since changed into a minor ideological group, holding 10 seats in Colombia's congress.
Regardless, brutality proceeds in certain areas of Colombia where an expected 5,000 nonconformists keep on battling against government powers.

The Colombian government has over and over blamed Venezuelan pioneers for holding onto Farc dissenters and has guaranteed that an assault on a helicopter conveying President Duque in June was arranged from the adjoining state.

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