An Amazon official said the company limited their break because the pandemic "should have ended", even though new cases have emerged

Amazon was tested this year for occupational health and safety.

Dozens of workers have left their jobs at two Amazon factories in the wider Chicago area.

They demand higher wages and longer rest periods.

This year, Amazon was tested for safety and workplace issues. Employees at Amazon warehouses at two locations in the greater Chicago area gave up their jobs at the last minute just days before Christmas deliveries.

"Here we are pushing for a $5 increase in our wages as well as a return to the 20-minute break we've had during the pandemic," one worker said in a video posted on his Facebook page.

He added that the company had cut the five-minute break because the pandemic "should" be over, "we still had three cases yesterday".

According to Amazon, entry-level salaries at both facilities are around $16 per hour. The company also said it would not retaliate against employees who took part in the departure.

"We respect employees' right to protest and recognize their legal right to do so," Amazon spokesman Richard Rocha told Insider. "We respect our employees' right to protest and recognize their statutory right to do so. We are proud to provide our employees with high salaries, a competitive advantage and the opportunity to grow with our business."

The e-commerce giant was vetted for occupational health and safety this year.

Six people died last month when an Amazon warehouse in Illinois collapsed in a tornado. Officials told insiders that tornado drills were rare in damaged warehouses. The driver also said he was told to keep the package delivered despite a tornado warning in the area, Bloomberg reported.

Problems with the company's payroll system have also resulted in systematic underpayments by furloughed employees, the New York Times reported in October.

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