Not only am I lucky, it's my destiny to marry Stonebwoy - Dr. Louisa


Stonebwoy's wife shared this heartbreaking note with her friends when she felt the need to talk about it.

"He's my soul mate. When I first saw him, I knew he was someone I didn't say I cared about, but our hearts knew each other before we were born," his wife said.

Stonebwoy's wife is silent and quiet about what people are saying about their love life with African giant BHIM BOSS. He never tweeted or posted anything about the rumors he heard on social media.

Surely he said it could be true as we had never heard of or seen any problems with his marriage before.

Don't you think that having a smart and productive woman by your side can increase your self-confidence and prestige? THAT IS.

Be motivated to take your time, choose wisely, and work hard to improve to create a happy home like Stonebwoy.

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