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The 1st Africa Awards Initiative aims to recognize brands, promote and reward those who have earned them. 

from various industries in Africa with a focus on "Celebrating True African Culture -

Talent development discovery

LoversGh Network, the program's main host, is registered and operates under Law 219 (UU 992).

According to the rules and conditions of this program, once the candidates receive their votes

Flyer, voting begins with 60% public vote and 40% board for submitted works in inspection. One vote costs only 1 session from Ghana or $0.16.

Nominees agree to all terms and conditions used in this program. Candidates hereby follow all instructions. Otherwise, the application or nomination may be terminated.

Winners are determined through a process of public voting and a decision by the board of directors.Awards will only be given to the nominee for winning the category for which he has applied.

The packages or other great incentives that will be won by each category are based on the decision of the board of directors to add the plaques awarded to the nominees and this is a plus for the winner of the day.

Since this is the first edition, this scheme is temporarily subject to conditions determined by the board. This nomination is a plus for building your profile and great recognition for your brand to show to the world as a whole.

The continent of Africa is known for its diverse culture, the first African region is home to demonstrating, celebrating and promoting, preserving the rich African culture and heritage.

As part of the core values ​​of the 1st African Award and the fairness of the program, publication with results will only be decided by the board of directors upon publication, not the nomination decision.

As part of our initiative, the 1st Foundation is a corporate social responsibility project to support

and promoting youth in society (education, business, music and the arts).LoversGH Network has signed the 1st Africa Awards and it will be an annual event to be held.Ghana will host the first African Awards for 2022 this year.

Good luck to all the selected nominees

Signed by Patrick Gasu.

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