Finding a job in Africa is becoming increasingly difficult as more than 2,400 candidates apply for jobs

The data analyzed 69,511 job openings from January 2019 to August 2020 in five African countries (Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda).

Receptionist positions in Kenya received 2,417 applications, while call center agent and other team leader positions registered 2,283 applicants.

In addition, 2,299 people applied for administrative assistants in Ghana and 2,265 people applied for sales staff in Tanzania. Nigeria has the highest number of applications for sales representative positions with 2,095 applications.

The data also shows that Kenya had the most vacancies in 2019 with 33%, followed by Nigeria with 31%. Uganda ranks third with 17%.

But in 2020, Nigeria is leading with 40% of job openings. Kenya ranks second with 28% and Uganda is still third with 13%.

The data also show that the total number of job vacancies at all job levels has declined over the past month with the exception of Nigeria. From May to July 2020 there was also an increase in trainees and “inexperienced” roles in Nigeria, Tanzania and Ghana.

This provides some hope for prospective workers who are just entering the job market.

Interestingly, recruiters make up the most occupations, accounting for 16% of total employment, followed by IT and telecommunications with 15% and advertising and communications media with 12%.

Meanwhile, Clements Weitz, CEO of ROAM Africa, said: “The high application rate shows how challenging the job market is for employers and job seekers. Both employers and job seekers are struggling to connect with the right vacancies and much remains to be done to address this. Employers need to rethink their hiring strategy and clearly define what they are looking for based on data and insights. Job seekers also need to invest in personal development, which makes it easier for them to differentiate themselves in such a crowded and competitive market.

"We believe that Africa's greatest asset is its people and their entrepreneurship. Given the expected population growth on the continent, we need to start creating structures that will make it easier for African companies to get the most out of these resources," he added.

Hilda Kraga, Executive Director of ROAM Africa Platform, said: “With today's job market, Africans cannot continue the outdated recruitment process that is common in many organizations. We need to prioritize digital approaches to hiring that bring transparency to the labor market in Africa while connecting people with job opportunities that enhance their livelihoods. We also need to accept objectivity in the recruitment process, including innovations that allow the best candidates to be fairly and consistently selected. This ensures that only qualified candidates apply for positions and employers get an accurate picture of the opportunities for job seekers. Benefits for job seekers and employers.”

He stated that the data highlight both challenges and opportunities in the African labor market. Kraga said these challenges, including rising unemployment across the continent, needed to be addressed.

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