Ethiopians state is in a state of emergency and much more the country can't cope with anymore that their authorities, have to make a decision


NEW YORK - Ethiopia's federal government declared a countrywide state of emergency on Tuesday (Nov 2) as fighting with Tigrayan forces reached a one-year limit and fighting in northern Ethiopia escalated.

"As of Tuesday, November 2, 2021, the Council of Ministers declares a state of emergency across the country," Fana Broadcasting Corporate S.C. said in a statement. on his Twitter account.

The statement said the House of Representatives was expected to approve the state of emergency within 24 hours.

Reuters quoted the government last week as saying the Popular Front to Liberate Tigrei was gaining territory and was considering marching in the capital, Addis Ababa. The inhabitants of the capital were asked to register their weapons and prepare to defend the city.

The federal government of Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has been fighting TPLF forces in Tigrey for a year. After government troops withdrew in June, the militants took control of the province. Since then, fighting has spread to neighboring Amhara and Afar, displacing thousands of people and exacerbating severe famine.

Speaking to the Washington-based think tank American Peace Institute, US special envoy for the Horn of Africa Jeffrey Feltman said last week that some 900,000 people in Tigrera face similar starvation conditions, while 90 percent of the population faces a need for aid.

He said the biggest obstacle to getting food, medicine and other essential aid was the federal government, which last month imposed bureaucratic hurdles and expelled seven senior humanitarian and human rights officials from the United Nations.

"Unfortunately, this required a deliberate effort by the authorities to withdraw life-saving assistance from the suffering Ethiopian people," Feltman said.

The use of food as a weapon of war can be a war crime.

The special envoy said air strikes by the government and the TPLF's alliance with other angry armed groups were "alarming" and warned that the country was at risk of major fires.

"Ethiopia's decade-long civil war will be catastrophic for its future and its people," he said. “We call on the Ethiopian government, TPLF and other warring parties to give peace a chance; to choose another path and enter into the dialogue without preconditions.

In response to some critics who say the United States is biased towards the TPLF, Feltman said "This couldn't be further from the truth" and that the Biden administration has consistently condemned the expansion of the war by Tigrian forces, including the Continue report. capital.

"Let me be clear, we oppose any TPLF movement into Addis or any attempt by the TPLF to encircle Addis," Feltman said. "This is a message that we also emphasize in our commitment to the leaders of the TPLF."

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