Wiyaala Make History In Dubai With Patchbay Band From Ghana.

 Wiyaala and the Patchbay Band, Ghanaian musicians, completed a history-making display at Burj Park in Downtown Dubai on Saturday, October 23, 2021, at the inaugural version of the All Africa Festival, an occasion created by Nina Olatoke and supported by Emaar Dubai to promote African tradition as a worldwide conversation.

What better suggest for Africa than Wiyaala, who released her act together along with her signature hit “Tinambanyi,” a song that foretells the emergence of the under-favored within side the shadow of the world’s tallest structure, the Burj Khalifa?

The track “Siiko” follows, which speaks of African culture clashing with current methods and asks Africans not to lose sight of their roots and identities.

Wiyaala was lower back on topic in “People Do not stop,” pushing her people to hold combating for his or her ambitions.

Her hit song “Yaga” served as the show’s finale, with the audience excitedly assisting her in a call-and-response.

Patchbay’s amazing musicians had been on top of their game, reveling in the charisma, vocal force, and athleticism of the female who's amend as the Lioness of Africa for an accurate cause.

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